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Upcycling Old Booklets

3 hrs

Collect old school booklets through the community, add new design elements and upcycle it into a 100-page handmade notepad or book!

Japanese-style Bookbinding

2 hrs

The Japanese-style of bookbinding is a also a Chinese and traditional method, where a unique pattern is sewn on the spine of the book. Participants will first learn about the basics of  bookbinding and then create their own unique linear pattern.

Saddle Stitch Bookbinding

1 hr

Participants will learn about the purpose and characteristics of paper through mixing and matching different papers as the leaves.

Making Furniture with Recycled Bamboo

5-6 hrs

Bamboo is one of the most used and discarded construction materials in Hong Kong. In fact, bamboo can be up-cycled into various different practical items and pieces of furniture that can be used in our everyday lives.




Upcycling Toy Making Workshop

2 hrs

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to create your own, very unique toys for yourself?

Preserving Our Earth's Water Resources

5-6 hrs

Despite water body constituting 70% of Earth’s surface, only 2.5% of it is drinkable. Pollution, extreme weather and misuse of water resources add pressure to an already scarce water supply. In this workshop, you will learn everything about water, and what we can do to save water in our daily lives.

Understanding Hong Kong's Trees

5-6 hrs

Photosynthesis in plants is one of the most important processes to human lives. Plants and trees not only produce oxygen that sustains us but also provide us with fruits and vegetables for our daily consumption. We’ll explore more about trees in this workshop!

A Kitchen in the Forest

5-6 hrs

Fallen leaves and deadwood might not seem like they could be of much use but after processing them, they can be used as fuel for cooking. We’ll be making use of this resource and prepare a delicious meal.

Handmade Multi-coloured Paper Workshop

2 hrs

Let’s upcycle unwanted coloured paper and transform it into colourful, unique pieces of art!

Handmade Patterned Paper Workshop

1.5 hrs

Create your own, unique, handmade piece of paper using folding and overlapping techniques!

Papermaking from Used Coffee Filter and Coffee Grounds

2 hrs

Create your own, unique piece of paper from used coffee filters and coffee grounds.

Green Game Time!



Paper-making with Banana Leaves



Exploring the City of Toys