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About Us


Established in 2018, GoHarvest Travel Ltd. is the first social enterprise travel agency in Hong Kong. We are committed to providing a range sustainable education tourism to all in the society. Via experiential travelling, one not only can enhance self-esteem, but also develop future skill-sets and strengthen family relationship. We are proud to offer local grass-roots families, schools, NGOs, corporate organisations and members of public a series of "Learning × Travelling" activities and campaigns.

We provide a diversified tourism and travel-related services, including but not limited to local field trips, exhibitions, workshops, overseas study tours and overseas volunteer service trips, to name a few. We are also more than happy to design the perfect tour for you based on your needs and expectations.

Schools, Corporates and NGOs are very much welcomed to contact us for a bespoke study tour/workshops and training trips.

Call us at 2307 9808 or Email us at


​Our Concept

As a result of long working hours, underprivileged households usually have limited family time.  Many also find it almost impossible to afford the expensive cost of extracurricular activities. Children from grass-roots families therefore have lower accessibility to new knowledge, skills and also people.


We therefore promise to reinvest no less than 30% of our profit to our matching fund. With this matching fund, we subsidise grass-roots families to participate in travel activities. Based on our estimation, every 10 customers will support one grass-roots children/family member to take part in our tours or workshops. We hope that this can help lower the financial burden of grass-roots families and provide a chance for the children to exercise their rights of participating in extracurricular activities.

Uniqueness: Travelling × Learning

Travelling provides a platform to facilitate students' all-round development. Research found that students who travel frequently have a higher level of  future skills, i.e. self-confidence, interpersonal skills, time management skills, leadership and cultural sensibility, etc.). Our tours integrate different elements to help participants to improve their future skills:-

  • Emphasis on "Design Thinking": to learn to adapt in this ever-changing environment and to dig deep into local and global issues.

  • Self-Led Learning: a set of interesting and innovative exercises to increase students' curiosity.

  • Integrating Technology: to integrate technology into travel to allow students to familiarise themselves with new technology and new media.

  • Systematic Reflection: via self-evaluation and group reflection before, during and after the trip, students can better evaluate their experience and feeling during the journey in a more systematic way.

​Our Service

  • Service Tour: to provide community service to rural or underprivileged children and individuals, meanwhile experience the authentic, local culture and life-style

  • Education Tour: to develop students' future skills. Our well-developed tours will lower the burden of teachers

  • In-depth Tour: to offer culturally-, historical- and/or art-themed tours and experimental travelling

  • Customised Tour: to design the ideal tour itinerary for corporate, schools and organisations

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