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​Organic Orange Harvest Experience

Hunan Luzhou Farm

Starting from scratch, Zhanxiang Farm has now developed a professional and mordern system of ecological planting. Zhanxiang promises that fruits harvested from its farm contain 0 pesticide and carcinogen residue. To advocate sustainable farming, Zhanxiang bans low-cost chemical herbicide and fertilisers, and put a great deal of effort to create a perfect balance between farming and the nature. Plants in Zhanxiang absorb nutients in an absolute natural approach and trees produce high-quality fruits in return. Zhanxiang can therefore ensure a steady production of green food in its best quality.

Every winter in December, Zhanxiang will harvest its delicious oranges. Would you like to join us and pick your own oranges?

Main Content:

  • Visit Zhanxiang Farm

Day 1:

  • Enjoy an organic lunch in the farm

  • Join our guided tour to understand the eco-planting system in the farm

  • Enjoy a farm-style hot-pot dinner buffet (food harvested from the farm)

  • Experience the life in farm

Day 2:

  • Enjoy an organic breakfast in the farm

  • Visit 1-2 orange farmsite 

  • Get to know about orange and how the planting system works in Zhanxiang

  • Pick your own orange and taste it right away

*You can buy yourself, your family and friends some oranges as souvenirs!

*It's YOU who decide the duration of trip!


Prices include:

  • Activity insurance,

  • Meals,

  • Transportation(from Hong Kong to the farm),

  • Accommodation,

  • Guided tour, and

  • Workshop


1.Please prepare your own beverage.2.Participants are responsible for thier personal safety and belongings. 3.GoHarvest shall not be held responsible for any accidents and/or personal injuries howsoever caused to the participants. 4. GoHarvest has the right to resolve any disputes in its absolute discretion.

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