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"Green Explorer" Hunan Luzhou Farm Ecological Tour

Hunan Luzhou Farm

Main content:

  • Field Orientation

    • Briefing and short film presentations to participants on the challenges global agriculture is facing agriculturally derived environmental and safety issues, and the concept of sustainable agricultural production.

    • The participants will explore on their own and carry out field-oriented activities on the farm. Each designated point has a specific design task to enhance the participants’ understanding of agro-ecology.

  • Magical Yeast

    • Introduce the scientific principles of fermentation and the foods related to microbial fermentation in daily life.

    • Demonstration of homemade cheese

    • Explain the principle of the fermentation bed and watch the film on the fermentation bed for raising pigs and chickens.

    • Introduce the application and benefits of the fermentation bed

    • Inspection of pig farms and chicken farms

    • Close contact with the raw material for the fermentation bed

    • Feeding and recording the yeast

  • Greenhouse Cultivation

    • Introduce the greenhouse of the farm

    • Explain safety and health precautions in greenhouse

    • Greenhouse farming experience

  • Organic Farm Inspection

    • Introduce the concept of organic farming

    • Introduction to methods of pest control and fertilization under organic farming

    • Visit the organic methods used to grow oranges (e.g. manual weeding, manure…)

    • Pick mandarin at the mountain

  • Cook by Yourself

    • Guided cooking class

    • Baking bread with the yeast fed by the participants

  • Ecological Cycle Diagram

    • A detailed description of the ecological cycle relationship between kitchen waste, livestock breeding, fermentation bed, organic fertilizer, alfalfa, manure and biogas

    • Teaching the relationship between ecological elements involved in the introduction

  • Worm Composting

    • Visit the worm composting production plant

    • Measure the compost, the growth of the plants, the fertility of the soil, the pH scale, etc.

    • Understand the science and biological knowledge behind the experiment

  • Biogas Practice

    • Introduce renewable energy (including biogas)

    • Introduce biogas use, collection, treatment methods, and practical applications

    • Inspect the biogas pool


Prices include:

  • Activity insurance, meals, transportation, accommodation, guided tour, and workshop

  • Flexible - Trip duration: 3 / 5 / 8 days.


1.Please prepare your own beverage.2.Participants are responsible for thier personal safety and belongings. 3.GoHarvest shall not be held responsible for any accidents and/or personal injuries howsoever caused to the participants. 4. GoHarvest has the right to resolve any disputes in its absolute discretion.

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