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Central District Walking Tour:

A Journey into the Colonial Hong Kong

Central and Western District

It is often said Hong Kong is an international metropolis where Chinese and Western cultures collided. Despite the era of British-ruled Hong Kong is far gone and ever-changing cityscape of Hong Kong, there are still many traces of history and hidden stories to be told among the skyscrapers and busy streets.


Let’s dive into the heart of Hong Kong and unveil how British colonization shaped today’s Hong Kong.


Main content:

  • Take a glimpse into local religions and superstitions in Man Mo Temple

  • Learn about the lives of Chinese under the British colonization in the district Sheung Wan

  • Wander in Graham Street Market, the first open market in Hong Kong since 1841

  • Take the hundred-year-old tram in Central and follow the transformation of the city’s skyline and coastline

  • Visit the old British governmental buildings


Suitable for:




Minimum 2 participants

Prices include:

Guided tour, tram fare, and a local drink


1.Please prepare your own beverage.2.Participants are responsible for their personal safety and belongings. 3.GoHarvest shall not be held responsible for any accidents and/or personal injuries howsoever caused to the participants. 4. All itinerary and price are subject to the registration and are subject to change without prior notice 5.GoHarvest has the right to resolve any disputes in its absolute discretion.

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