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"Green Explorer" Hunan Luzhou Farm Ecological Tour

Hunan Luzhou Farm
Hong Kong Skyline

Price varies depending on the trip date and length


Main content:

  • Field Orientation

    • Briefing and short film presentations to participants on the challenges global agriculture is facing agriculturally derived environmental and safety issues, and the concept of sustainable agricultural production.

    • The participants will explore on their own and carry out field-oriented activities on the farm. Each designated point has a specific design task to enhance the participants’ understanding of agro-ecology.

  • Magical Yeast

    • Introduce the scientific principles of fermentation and the foods related to microbial fermentation in daily life.

    • Demonstration of homemade cheese

    • Explain the principle of the fermentation bed and watch the film on the fermentation bed for raising pigs and chickens.

    • Introduce the application and benefits of the fermentation bed

    • Inspection of pig farms and chicken farms

    • Close contact with the raw material for the fermentation bed

    • Feeding and recording the yeast

  • Greenhouse Cultivation

    • Introduce the greenhouse of the farm

    • Explain safety and health precautions in greenhouse

    • Greenhouse farming experience

  • Organic Farm Inspection

    • Introduce the concept of organic farming

    • Introduction to methods of pest control and fertilization under organic farming

    • Visit the organic methods used to grow oranges (e.g. manual weeding, manure…)

    • Pick mandarin at the mountain

  • Cook by Yourself

    • Guided cooking class

    • Baking bread with the yeast fed by the participants

  • Ecological Cycle Diagram

    • A detailed description of the ecological cycle relationship between kitchen waste, livestock breeding, fermentation bed, organic fertilizer, alfalfa, manure and biogas

    • Teaching the relationship between ecological elements involved in the introduction

  • Worm Composting

    • Visit the worm composting production plant

    • Measure the compost, the growth of the plants, the fertility of the soil, the pH scale, etc.

    • Understand the science and biological knowledge behind the experiment

  • Biogas Practice

    • Introduce renewable energy (including biogas)

    • Introduce biogas use, collection, treatment methods, and practical applications

    • Inspect the biogas pool


Prices include:

  • Activity insurance, meals, transportation, accommodation, guided tour, and workshop


Notes to participants:

- Bring your own water, light lunch, and reusable cutlery

- Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for outdoor activities

- Bring your own umbrella

- Bring warm clothes and shoes


Participants are personally liable for their health and safety actions. GoHarvest is not liable for loss of, or damage to, personal property nor personal safety during the tour, or activity.


GoHarvest reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice

Date and Time TBC
We welcome inquiries

Flexible. The length of trip is determined by the participants