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2020 Cambridge Robotics Winter Camp

U.K., Cambridge
Hong Kong Skyline

$35000 up*

10 days
During the 10-day winter camp, students will learn the basics of robot design, programming, and control. Using basic mathematical concepts, engineering principles, and robotics, students will think, plan, test, and modify the sequence of instructions to complete the project. In addition, students will learn the sequence of communication between robots and programmers by collecting and analyzing data using robotic sensors. At the end of the course, students not only acquire new technical skills, their maths, and English proficiency and knowledge are also improved in the process.

Main content:


This winter camp brings together the best scholars in science and education. Students will be supervised by Cambridge scholars, ensuring high-quality education. In this century of innovation, interdisciplinary learning is the most effective way to develop students' soft skills and interdisciplinary thinking skills.

●Fun learning

A full-scale in-depth tour: learning about British history and culture, experiencing the "Cambridge lifestyle", sightseeing, visiting landmarks and museums, all whilst learning and having fun.

●Project-based learning

​​Combine high-energy technical education with interesting activities, including STEM, coding, robotics engineering, and projects that are relevant to our everyday lives.

●Small class size

Small-class teaching is used to provide personalized learning for students at different levels.

●High qualified team

​​All instructors have many years of experience in computer science, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Our team includes members of the University of Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Group, Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Instructors, University Undergraduate Teaching Assistants, and Cambridge Ph.D. students in the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Education.


- 13 robotics classes

- 7 robotics projects

- 2 English classes(Practical English conversational session and English presentation skills)

- 2 guided tours(Guided tour of the University of Cambridge and Museum)

- 1 culture and manners class

- 1 sharing session(Expereince sharing by Cambridge students)

- 4 experience sessions(treasure hunt, punting in Cambridge, traditional English afternoon tea, and Cambridge formal dinner)

- Certificate Graduation Ceremony


$35000 up

Suitable for:

10-14 y.o.


All courses are taught in English. (Cantonese or Mandarin translation on request)

Price includes:

​Transportation, accommodation, tutor classes, guided tour, workshop, materials, activities, and insurance.

​For those who wish to have further information, please click here for the latest leaflet.


(1) Age from 10 to 14, healthy, no congenital diseases, infectious diseases, etc.;

(2) All actions of the participants in the camp shall be subject to the arrangements of the staff and the tutor;

(3) Parents/guardians must fill in the correct contact information on the registration form. If there are any changes, staff must be notified immediately;

(4) It is strictly forbidden to carry valuables such as gold and silver jewelry. GoHarvest and LT Academy are not liable for loss of, or damage to, personal property nor personal safety during the tour, or activities;

(5) It is strictly forbidden to carry gaming devices, control tools, etc.;

(6) It is strictly forbidden to record in the classroom, or during class.

GoHarvest reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

All itinerary and price are subject to the registration and are subject to change without prior notice.
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